Diez Mil Flautas

DIEZ MIL FLAUTAS was a social inclusion project conceived by Miguel, who led  a team of recorder teachers across 50 secondary schools in the state of Nuevo León in Mexico,  some of them in poor sub-urban communities, teaching how to play the recorder to every student, to join-in in a massive 10,000-recorders ensemble which would have established a new Guiness World Record (6,243 recorders in Hong Kong 2004). Due to lack of support for transportation and for preventing possible health-and-safety risks,  only  circa 4000, out of the circa 10,000 students who were ready to play, were able to perform in the big day of the final concert, which on the 24 of October 2016 in the Macroplaza square in Monterrey, Mexico, was one of the most extraordinary experiences in our life.

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