I vividly remember Peter Lawrence, when we both were approximately 12 years old, composing one of his early symphonies at his home in Cambridge (UK). Pete was sitting by the piano in the music room, while holding a worn out pencil, leaning forward to scribble something on a handwritten score, possibly a Tchaikovsky influenced tune or a musical bridge section of some skilled kind, for the third movement, if I remember rightly, of his fourth or fifth symphony. At that time Tchaikovsky was one of Peter’s favourite composers and possibly still is.

Peter Lawrence has since developed an extraordinarily successful musical career composing, arranging and playing. Peter is a jazz player extraordinaire as well as a world class classical soloist, playing principal trumpet for Hofer Symphoniker. His compositions and arrangements, some of which are jazz-influenced, are widely played and recorded nowadays.

Peter has agreed to our first musical collaboration in the recording album ‘Incantato’ (see debut album), a collaboration I feel most honoured and thankful for, which features him on the piano as well as his composition ‘Boccherini Macaroni’.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PeteTheTrumpet

Website: pledition.com