Whether you are a total beginner or not, I would be delighted to teach you how to play the recorder the way I do. It would be better if you have a suitable recorder to learn the technique I use. I play on recorders as designed by Carl Dolmetsch, with a rectangular ‘letter box’ type windway, as opposed to the curved windway of ‘authentic design’ instruments mostly used today.

There are many makes and models of recorders that have such a ‘letter box’ type rectangular windway, but nowadays this type of recorders are generally considered to be inferior instruments, however, for me, they are not inferior at all, they are simply different and certainly harder to play than recorders with a curved windway, as they demand much more breath control and indeed more air.

To book a lesson (online or face to face) or to discuss details, please send me an email. I will be delighted to hear from you.

email: inbox@miguellawrence.com

rectangular windway