Concertino or Song  Of The Lesser Butterfly Orchid - Peter Lawson

Song of the Lesser Butterfly Orchid is one of 48 pieces by Peter Lawson, corresponding to the same number of wild orchids in the British Isles. The work also exists as Concertino of the Lesser Butterfly Orchid for recorder and orchestra. Peter Lawson had his first piece of music published by Peters Edition when he was 19, and his compositions have been performed widely around the world. Of this work, the composer comments:

“The Song of the Lesser Butterfly Orchid, in three dance-like movements, employs a colour-coding scheme of harmonies. These chords are heard at the outset of the first movement, Introduction and Butterfly Rumba, on the piano – light-green suffusing the white of the petals, the yellow of the anthers and the darker green of the two shiny, spoon-shaped basal leaves and bract-like leaves sheathing the stem. The Rumba and indeed the last movement, Jig of the Moths and Butterflies, reflect the dedicatee, Miguel Lawrence, who is half Mexican and half Northern- Irish. His virtuosity and sense of fun are amply catered for in these outer movements as well as in a cadenza in the middle of the second movement, Butterfly Minuet, which, in its outer sections, is more reflective of the pastoral habitats of the orchid. The Jig’s opening melody is rather weirdly tempered by the juxtaposition of the colour-coded harmonies, portraying the pollinating moths. The dancing butterflies are portrayed in less eccentric harmonic manoeuvres, the music gathering pace towards a breathless conclusion.”

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